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Yes! This pom pom maker was developed from our own desire to make great pompoms with ease. We’d been making pompoms for years with a tool that we’d devised ourselves while making those super popular tutorials on our Mr P blog. This is THE pom maker that we now use for all of our pom pom projects and you know that we make pretty good pompoms : )

1. The separate open parts design makes wrapping super easy unlike some other pom pom makers.
It also allows flexible design plans when you put two different designs on each half to combine together. You realise that you wrapped the second half of the pom pom the wrong way around for the intended design, with some pom pom makers, you have to undo everything and start again because the circle is fixed. With Pom Maker, you just need put it the right way around at the end. We like it this way!

2. Pom Maker takes a lot more wraps than some other pom pom makers, allowing you to make a very full and dense pom pom.

3. It’s made of solid beech wood. We think wood makes a much nicer object than plastic. We like it natural.

4. It’s a DONUT!! We Rest Our Case.

Yes. Pom Maker is made of solid wood and only uses non-toxic toy-safe paint. The design and material is as safe as any wooden toy. We’d recommend it for 6+. We also advise to keep it away from under 3 year olds due to small parts (they are not small enough to swallow but let’s play it safe!)

One Pom Maker (made of 6 separate wooden parts) comes in a cotton bag with a small booklet to get you started.

We’ll be launching many other sweet designs and DIY kits that come with the materials and instructions you need. Please check back later!

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