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Large Size

Bow Pom Maker – Violet

original wooden pom pom maker


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Make your craft time even more delicious with this original wooden donut pom maker. Developed to be your tool of choice – it makes perfect pompoms, feels good to hold and is possibly the sweetest kit in a crafter’s toolbox!
If you love making pompoms, a normal plastic pompom maker just won’t do!

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Weight129 g
Dimensions120 × 90 × 60 cm
  1. maesaid (verified owner)

    A beautifully made, quality item that is a joy to hold,and feels solid and sturdy in the hand. So cleverly designed, it completely transforms the pompom making process. Having the option of making mini poms on the small ‘spokes’ is also a stroke of genius (and works incredibly well, success on the very first attempt!) Delivery was prompt and my (rather large!) order was so beautifully packaged that it was reminiscent of the process of unveiling an Apple product! A fantastic experience from start to finish, thank you!

  2. honorgregory (verified owner)

    We brought every size pom pom maker that was available, to be used with 4 year old twins for their birthday, after watching several of the videos together on YouTube. The largest was the easiest to make a face / dog with for them. The smaller we used the more the girls wanted to add of the wool, and it was hard to get them to shrink the amount of yarn they added, to get clear defined eyes etc. So the bigger it was the more forgiving, and easier to make a defined face.
    They loved trimming the pom pom’ which needed some extra teasing from myself, to get a more recognisable face. they seem to want to make a pom pom each night – and we are using these as thank you gifts for birthday presents they received from others.
    We have initially used acrylic wool, as a cost saving as I was not sure how well this would turn out for the girls. I shall now however invest in some natural wool to use around the face more readily, as it is easier to felt. I don’t think it matters for the hair so much, especially as the girls want to use any crazy looking colour wool that is available to them. So a lot of wool needs to be purchased anyway.
    As said using the bigger pom pom maker is easier to make the face, however they do seem to get a little bored of wrapping it around after so long as it needs a lot more wool. So the smaller ones they can manage to do without getting you to finish off. Maybe a few more trials and they will be happy doing both, and taking a bit more direction. To be honest though the more they do them, the more they want to do their own thing, (i.e. taking less direction) and I believe I may be using yarn to add to it later to make a face, or you can get eyes to add and nose that you glue in. As they get a bit older it may be easier – but still very good results nevertheless considering their age.

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