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VAT guides for EU customers

Your order ships from our UK warehouse. As of Jan 2021, the UK is no longer part of the European Union.

20% UK VAT will be deducted from the price at the checkout for all EU customers. Instead, you’ll be asked to pay your local VAT when the product arrives in your country. The courier service will act as an agent for your government and ask you to pay with either via an online payment link or another method. A small handling fee will be charged additionally. It is normally 5-10 euro depending on the size of your order. 

Here’s an example scenario for an EU customer!

The retail price of a Donut Pom Maker is £17.90 in the UK and the equivalent in all EU countries. This price includes 20% UK VAT.
If you’re purchasing Donut Pom Maker on this site, 20% tax will be deducted at the checkout. You will pay £14.92 instead.
When the product arrives in your country, you will be asked to pay the VAT amount according to your country’s rate, alongside a small handling fee.

Your total cost for Donut Pom Maker will be the same as what you would’ve paid in your country with the VAT included.

How to pay your VAT & fee

Shipped with DPD

We will forward you an email from the courier including an online payment link. Please look out for this email and make sure to pay your VAT & fee in time.

Shipped with Parcel Force

You may be contacted via phone or post. 

Shipped with UPS

UPS collects the VAT on delivery. Please check your tracking for the delivery date and prepare to pay your VAT at the door.


What happens if you don't pay VAT

You will need to pay your VAT within a few days of your payment notification (normally 5 days) according to the deadline set by the courier. If you don’t pay your VAT in time or refuse to pay, your parcel will be returned to us. 

We will issue you a refund for the items once they’re safely returned. Please note, the original shipping cost, return cost or other processing fee if applicable and the cost of the item if lost during return will be the customer’s responsibility if the reason for the return is the failure or refusal to pay the import duty. Typically there will not be an additional cost of return. So you will be refunded for the order value minus the original shipping cost in most cases. 

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